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Covid Cure and Prophelaxis is here and it is NOT The Vaccine

 Great News!   Doctors have been having essentially 100% success preventing and treating COVID 19 with a simple cheap solution that does not require a vaccine.  The media has kept a lid on this for obvious reasons.   For many months now, I have been posting updates on the latest news and possible treatments for COVID19.   I will be essentially bringing these posts to the end with recent good news on the “CURE” for COVID19.   I have personally experienced this miraculous cure and I have seen it work 100% of the time with friends and family.   A frontline group of the worlds finest doctors have not only demonstrated the “prevention” using a safe and inexpensive drug (Ivermectin).  They have developed a hospital protocol that is now resulting in extremely low death rates.   The hospital protocol is called the MATH+ protocol.  The non-hospital - average person protocol is called the I-MASK protocol, not for Masks, but for Ivermectin, Methylpredisnolone, Ascorbic Acid etc.   The cure inform

The Cure Is Here

 We now have a cheap, safe, over the counter cure for Covid. Taken monthly with Vitamin D - 109% protection from Covid.  If you are exposed , over 90% effective If you are sick in the hospital- miraculous results  If you are in the ICU tremendous results.  Go here to see short testimony Dec 8 before the Senate.  After you watch the video go to to learn all about it. 

Vitamin Recommendations To Protect Yourself From COVID19

 Many have asked me which vitamins are recommended for extra protection against the  SARS-COV2 virus.   This is a very complex subject due to some Americans already being deficient in Vitamin A and Vitamin D.   I would suggest looking over what certain doctors that have proven to be experts in this new viral outbreak to see where you may be comfortable. I have printed the protocols of a number of doctors below.   Please pay special attention to 3 of them in particular.   First - look at the protocol from Dr. Shiva, he divided the country into 3 groups- healthy, immune compromised, COVID Positive, and COVID in-hospital .   You will find your fit in one of the 4 groups.    Second, pay attention to Dr. Paul Marik, he is perhaps the most respected doctor in the world with the highest survival rate and least ventilator implementation rate.    Third, pay attention to Dr. Brownstein protocol.   Finally, I have listed every vitamin I am taking to protect myself against the virus.  NOTE:  The

Follow The COVID 19 Treatment Protocol Used By President Trump

 If you have seen any news about our President contracting COVID 19, you may have seen the vitamins and medications they used to treat him so well.  They used the protocol that I have recommended since March- the protocol first established by Dr. Paul Marik.  I cannot say enough great things about this protocol since it provides a balance between you preparing your immune system with needed nutrients with the latest in treatment therapies.   Timing with this is illness is CRITICAL since the illness takes very different treatment depending on what days you are on in the progress. There are two phases - the first lasts up to about 7 to 8 days on average and it is called the viral phase.  It is about 5 to 8 days after exposure that your body kills the virus.  There is an enormous amount of leftover dead virus then and your body goes into a kind of shock trying to deal with this.  It fools the body into thinking it still needs to hyper-engage the immune system.   This is what they call the

How To Live Free of Fear of Contracting COVD19

 Bold statement made above, I admit.  But lets be honest. We have lived in fear now for months, and now recently we are seeing people run around wearing face masks thinking a face mask will protect them or help protect them from COVID.  Now think about this fallacy in the long term.  Did GOD call us to walk and live in fear? Should we be fearful of this disease?  I am convinced we as Americans have been living needlessly in fear for one primary reason- lack of knowledge.  We have been in the dark for months as to exactly what is the trigger mechanism or perhaps may I say “What is the root cause” for whether someone will contract COVID or not. I have said since the beginning, and now I can back this up with a long overdue study that the key to whether you will contract COVID and whether you will have a bad outcome is 100% connected to GOD’s immune system he equipped you with AND if you have your immune system working in decent order.  The one element that is missing in almost every. Ame


 We have discussed at length in my previous posts that there is a direct connection between nutrient levels in various COVID patients at varying degrees of the illness. The mainstream media has essentially ignored any of these studies or treatment protocols.  I am not pushing conspiracy here, but it does make sense that in our system of medicine, media, and advertising that one could in a sense “follow the money”.  Most people will now admit that theory based on the debacle with Hyrdoxychloroquine and Remdesivir.  As soon as President Trump mentioned an old 50 year old drug that cost less than $20.00 for preventative treatment of COVID while Gilead Corp was wrapping up a marketing campaign for the Billion dollar experimental drug Remdesivir, can you really blame them?  So, all that aside, I have been steadily focusing on those under-reported success stories of people being treated for COVID using natural therapies, or people protecting themselves from COVID by using a balanced GOD give

We Can End The Nightmare In 3 Weeks

I’ve posted on the use of the long time FDA approved drug called Ivermectin before. My post brought out the haters and fact checkers. That does not change the results in the countries where the doctors have used this safe treatment.   Bottom line, Ivermectin is used to kill parasites in humans and dogs/horses, etc. it happens to affect parasites and viruses but does not affect humans (except pregnant women).  This safe drug changes the polarity in the sodium channel gateway in the cell and the virus just stops replicating dead in its tracks.  It’s a very unique safe and inexpensive solution to end COVID19.   Let me give you a quick analogy please. Now it’s mechanism of action is very different from this, so please don’t think I am saying this is how it works.  I understand how it works.  But to give you an example of how effective it is; imagine what happens when you pour salt on a door snail. The salt kills it within seconds. It is the sodium that does it.  Now extend the concept to b